Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cloud Computing--No Single Point of Failure

A UC Berkeley technical report on cloud computing observes:

Just as large Internet service providers use multiple network providers so that failure by a single company will not take them off the air, we believe the only plausible solution to very high availability is multiple Cloud Computing providers. The high-availability computing community has long followed the mantra “no single source of failure,” yet the management of a Cloud Computing service by a single company is in fact a single point of failure. Even if the company has multiple datacenters in different geographic regions using different network providers, it may have common software infrastructure and accounting systems, or the company may even go out of business. Large customers will be reluctant to migrate to Cloud Computing without a business-continuity strategy for such situations. We believe the best chance for independent software stacks is for them to be provided by different companies, as it has been difficult for one company to justify creating and maintain two stacks in the name of software dependability

Read more of the report for other astute observations.

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