Monday, February 25, 2013

Building MonetDB on Mac with Macports Libraries

There have been some issues raised when building MonetDB with Macports libraries on Mac. I addressed it on the mailing list, and here, I just write the summary, for my own future reference:

To build MonetDB with the Macports distribution of readline, one needs to run configure with the following command line options:

      --with-readline=/opt/local CFLAGS=-DLIBICONV_PLUG

/opt/local is where I have my macports libraries, including readline.

In macports' distribution of iconv, if LIBICONV_PLUG, is not defined, causing some function names to be redefined. 

I guess macports authors did this in order to avoid some potential
collisions with the "readline" library that comes with Mac OS-X (as part of Xcode command line tools?).

The "-DLIBICONV_PLUG" compiler option disables the redefinition of function
names in macports' iconv.

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